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Hello for everybody! Here the short story about me, I am Finnish radioamateur 61 years old and I have been always interested in electronics beginning when I was a little boy about 10 years old.Here in eBay I am trying to buy and sell mostly HAM-Radio and computer related electronic parts,components including tubes,transistors,solid state equipments,SW radios,old tube equipments and so on.All the components & equipments if not otherwise said are checked and quaranteed working,but sold as is without any warranty furthermore. When selling something I charge only the real postage fee,no handling fee or something like that,I will not make money with the postages. I will ship mostly to Europe and EU-countries,but if requested also to USA and other European countries outside EU. In these cases,possibly custom fees in recipient's country are in his responsibility. Additionally I am selling also ebooks and softwares in reasonable prices in my eBay store. Just check it out regularly and grab your bargains.More details about me can be found from my english homepage in:

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Warning page

eBay is the good marked for honest and fair trade but unfortunately there are also cheaters who only collect the money without fulfill their promises.

Here is the list of the ebayers who has cheated me with the details of the case,the link is pointed to my finnish homepage where everyone can read the full story of the case. Be warned of all these eBayers: Cheater list


updated 06.01.2013